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Blue Star Football Coaches 2020

To Be Determined (6U Head Coach)

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Jermaine Derricott, Sr. (8U Head Coach)

Jermaine Derricott Sr. returns to Blue Star after serving as the 6U head coach during both, the 2018 and 2019 seasons.  Jermaine has always loved sports but, "there was always something special about that football" he tells us.  He started playing football when he was 7.  Jermaine played for the Ashland Vikings from 7 to 13 years of age.  He tells us that "playing little league football help him transition on though J.V & Varsity football".

Over the past three years Jermaine has been a tremendous coach and volunteer for Blue Star.  As he made his decision to return to us for the 2020 season, he told us: "I loves this organization and, most of all, I loves the kids and their families.  Its a blessed and uplifting feeling I get when I’m with my football family here at Blue Star.  Truly something you would want to experience, even if you’re only a fan of the game".  He has also expressed that "he would love to see all of his returning families, and new families, come out and be a part of this special culture here with The Blue Star Cowboys". 

Ryan Jackson (10U Head Coach)

Ryan Jackson is a husband, father of 2 and a software developer.  Ryan has been coaching for over 20 years in various sports such as football, basketball and track at the youth, High school and Semi pro level.  Most of Ryan's experience is with football, which is his favorite to coach.  Most recently Ryan assisted Blue Star's 8U football team in the fall 2018 season, where he grew a bond with many players and families.  Ryan is a safety-first coach that believes in strong fundamentals and technique.  He is looking forward to a great season!

Adam Guild (12U Head Coach)

Adam Guild is entering his second season as a football coach with the Blue Star Cowboys, as he was our 10U head coach for the 2019 season.  He is not only returning to Blue Star in 2020 as the 12U head coach, but also with a larger role, serving as our Athletic Director.  Adam has 19 years of experience in coaching football.  He has served as a Youth Football Head Coach in Fairfax, VA, Killeen, TX and El Paso, TX, where he was named Coach of the Year 5X.  Adam was also voted into the Northern Virginia Hall of Fame after winning multiple championships.  In addition to Coach Guild’s tutelage as a youth football coach, he has served as an offensive and defensive positional coach at JEB Stuart High School in Falls Church, VA, Park View High School in Sterling, VA, Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, VA and Bowie High School in El Paso, TX.  Coach Guild has also been entrusted as a league safety officer, athletic director and served in many other leadership roles.  A native of Springfield, Virginia, Coach Guild is married to Sara Guild and has three boys; Dexter, Alexander and Dominic.

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Blue Star Cheering Coaches 2020

To Be Determined (6U Cheer Coach)

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To Be Determined (8U Cheer Coach)

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Lee Hockensmith (10U Cheer Coach)


To Be Determined (12U Cheer Coach)

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